There’s been at least one amusing headline per day during the pandemic. Here’s another, from “Las Vegas strip club promotes social distancing with drive-thru shows.”

It’s so reassuring that celebrities are experts on corona. What would we do without their guidance?

I passed a lot of folks carrying toilet paper. I don’t get why there’s been such a run on it. And I thought I was anal retentive — geez.

I haven’t been wearing a mask. The percentage of folks wearing one may now be as high as half. Several sources have claimed that wearing one is useless. If so, why do surgeons wear one while operating?

Suddenly a talking point has emerged about the mainstream media’s negligence in covering the corona virus story from its start. Outlets focused almost exclusively on impeachment.

There may be another symptom involved with corona — gastrointestinal issues. The past two days I’ve had the mildest case of it that I’ve ever had. I hope respiratory trouble doesn’t follow. That’s the one I fear, the potential turn to pneumonia. Other than that, I feel fine. I was in unusually good spirits until I read about the GI factor.

Stop n Shop has reserved 6AM-7AM for senior citizens. It was hopping this morning. I continued my regular buying habits.

A number of people stopped to chat as I stood beside my car for the two-and-a-half hours I would normally devote to a session of the floating book shop. Two showed no qualms about getting within a couple of feet. Although I was fully conscious of their being too close for comfort, I didn’t say anything.

I just googled “other news besides Corona” and each item on the page was related to it. There’s no escaping it in the media — even social media. Come to think of it, ever line of this blog is about it. For once I’d like to hit the Fast Forward button of life and wake up four weeks hence.

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