A Lady Passes

RIP Phyllis George, 70, who succumbed to a blood disorder. In 1971 she became the 50th Miss America, and then went on to become a pioneer of women sports broadcasters. Starting in 1975 she spent three seasons on the live NFL Today pregame show, returned in 1980 and left in 1983, winning plaudits for the warmth of her interviews with star athletes. She also covered horse racing, hosted the entertainment show People, co-anchored the CBS Morning News, and co-hosted Candid Camera and the Miss America pageant. She was a friend of minister Norman Vincent Peale and a devout believer in his philosophy of positive thinking, and it showed in her work, her sunny presence. She was a successful businesswoman as well, creating a line of cosmetics and skin care, as well as chicken products. She appeared in two films, one a short. She was founder of the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, and a co-founder of the Henry Clay Center for Statesmanship. She wrote or co-wrote five books. Well done, madam. (Facts from FN & Wiki).

The underground economy will always be with us, as manifested in this headline from nypost.com: “New Yorkers paying big bucks for illicit haircuts, manicures, Botox.” Many will stop breaking the law on the 20th and head to Connecticut, which will begin opening for business… A Post article cites an easy method of budget reduction for cash strapped NYC: “By sending recyclables to safe landfills — and avoiding the cost of separate collection — the city could save nearly $200 million.” Recycling is a money-loser. Does it make the environment cleaner and thus justify the expense? I don’t see it. Since alternate side of the street parking regulations have been suspended due to the pandemic, sidelining street cleaners, have the streets become dirtier? Not on my block or my niece’s. The regulation exists chiefly for the revenue it raises from tickets… The following may be the most dismaying info on Corona I’ve read, from Michael Goodwin’s op-ed piece: “Gov. Cuomo of NY and Gov. Murphy of NJ issued almost identical orders in late March requiring nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients being discharged from hospitals. The orders barred the homes from even asking if the patients had the virus, lest they be discriminated against. Those politically correct orders quickly became death sentences as infections spread like wildfire.”… Here’s a link to a great Post article by Eric Spitznagel on the differences between the late ‘60’s Hong Kong Flu pandemic and Corona. It’s too good to whittle down: https://nypost.com/2020/05/16/why-life-went-on-as-normal-during-the-killer-pandemic-of-1969/

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vic fortezza

I was born in Brooklyn in 1950 to Sicilian immigrants. I’ve had more than 50 short stories published world wide. I have 13 books in print.