A Legend Passes

vic fortezza
3 min readSep 23, 2020

RIP NFL Hall of Fame RB Gale Sayers, 77, whose career was curtailed by leg injuries. A two-time All-American, he was nicknamed the Kansas Comet. The fourth pick in the 1965 draft by the Bears, he immediately dazzled opponents and fans, scoring a record 22 TDs — 14 rushing, six receiving, and one each on punt and kickoff returns, earning him Rookie of the Year honors. In 1966 he led the league in rushing. In 1969 he did it again and was named Comeback Player of the Year. He was All-Pro five times and played in four Pro Bowls. He was named to the NFL 1960s All-Decade Team, the NFL 50th Anniversary All-Time Team, the NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team and the NFL 100th Anniversary All-Time Team. His #40 was retired by the Bears, as had been his #48 by Kansas. His friendship with fullback Brian Piccolo, who succumbed to cancer in 1970, was the basis for one of the most popular TV movies ever — Brian’s Song (1971), which was remade in 2001. In 1970 Sayers published an autobiography, I Am Third. Following his retirement in 1971, he worked in the athletic department of his alma mater, which prepared him to become AD at Southern Illinois, a post he held from 1976-’81. He was interim AD at Tennessee St. in ’85 and ’86. In 1984 he founded Crest Computer Supply Company in the Chicago area, later renamed Sayers 40, Inc.. He also devoted time to youth organizations. He was the most exciting football player I ever saw. There was anticipation each time he touched the ball. I remember being so bummed out upon learning of his first injury. Here are highlights from his most legendary game. The video runs a minute-and-a-half: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ooIZqbT2kA

At last — headline from nypost.com: “MTA board to officially ban pooping in subways, buses.” Let’s see if leftists raise a stink about it.

Here’s one man’s idea of home decor, from a NY Post photo:

Here’s an amusing “politics in a nutshell” headline from foxnews.com: “Convicted pimp turned activist hired to help reform police at $150,000 salary.”

I received another email filled with humor from my friend Marie. Here’s the one I liked best:

The toil dwarfed the return today at the floating book shop. My thanks to the woman who bought a hardcover in Russian, the only sale of the session. At least it was another beautiful day.

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