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vic fortezza
2 min readSep 29, 2022

Headline from “30 ex-FBI agents stand up to support whistleblower who exposed agency’s political bias.” Great, but will it lead anywhere? Then there’s this counterpoint from “FBI allegedly engaging in ‘purge’ of conservative employees, retaliating against whistleblowers: Jim Jordan.” These are astonishing times.

It takes all kinds to make a world. NYP headline: “Insane Floridians swim, get pummeled by wild waves in ocean during Hurricane Ian.” Photo from Google Images:

And then there’s this headline: “I’m leaving my boyfriend — so we went on a ‘breakup vacation’ together.” Did they split 50–50 on the tab?

NYP headline: “New Alzheimer’s drug slows disease in major clinical trial: ‘Blockbuster potential’.” Going daft is my greatest fear. According to the accompanying article by Alex Mitchell: “…Patients taking the drug, known as lecanemab, showed a 27% decrease in cognitive decline compared to a control group.” It’s a product of Biogen, whose stock yesterday went from $73 to $270. At least some bulls are making money.

Speaking of which, here’s a gem, albeit a painful one, from Gary Varvel:

Not much action at the floating book shop on this breezy though beautiful day. Spasibo to those who swapped and bought, all the trade in Russian titles.

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