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3 min readNov 29, 2023

Since I cut the cord two years ago and am not interested in streaming, a lot of current shows are unfamiliar to me. An article by Ben Clerkin at profiles ex-Navy Seal Jack Carr, whose series of novels debuted in 2018 and inspired an Amazon Prime adaptation, The Terminal List, which critics called “unhinged rightwing revenge fantasy.” LOL. “…it was the fourth most streamed show on Amazon last year and has a 95% audience approval score on Rotten Tomatoes.” Carr attributes its popularity to “people who want fast-paced, all-American heroes.” Kudos. Photo from Google Images:

Headline from NYP: “Dog barks in ‘Italian accent’ that sounds just like his owner’s as social media anoints him ‘sassy’.” Arf-fongool.

Headline from “Huckabee: Biden Impeachment ‘Political Disaster’ for GOP.” I agree. The info is already out there. Raking an old man over the coals is likely to create sympathy for him among undecided voters. Case in point, the persecution of Trump seems to have bolstered him in the eyes of many.

Among the celebrations of 11/29, it’s Choose Women Day. Here’s my choice, photo from GI:

Can this headline from be true?: “94-year-old veteran thrown out of senior housing to make room for illegal immigrants.” Say it ain’t so.

RIP consummate actress Frances Sternhagen, 93. Born in DC, she taught singing and dancing to kids before becoming a performer herself. She was comfortable on the big and small screen and the stage. She was nominated for seven Tonys, winning two, and three Emmys. There are 76 titles under her name at IMDb, screen career spanning 1951–2014. That figure doesn’t manifest how wide her presence was. She was in 42 episodes alone of The Doctors, seven of Spencer, seven of Golden Years, seven of Cheers, ten of Sex and the City, 21 of ER, and 16 of The Closer. She was as good a supporting player as there ever was, always exuding an air of intelligence, wisdom. Here’s a quote attributed to her: “If I didn’t have my family I would be so lonely. The theater and acting are so artificial that I would go crazy if that was all I had.” A mom of six, she was married from 1956 until her husband’s passing in ’91. Well done, Madam. Thank you. Photo from GI:

There was a lot less wind and more sunshine, so I was able to spend more time outside the car at today’s session of the floating book shop, despite the cold. My thanks to the two women who combined to buy six titles in Russian, which included five translations of Dickens; and to the young man who bought books on anemia, blood sugar, prostate health, as well as Dr. Denmark Said It! by Madia Linton Bowman, Pediatric & Neonatal Dosage Handbook, Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy by Dr. Myra J. Wick M.D. Ph.D., and Death Be Not Proud by John Gunther; and to the woman who overcompensated me for a kids’ book; and to the one who purchased three of them, as well as my Billionths of a Lifetime. I continue to be blessed.

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