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vic fortezza
2 min readJun 8, 2021

Headline from “FBI encrypted phone app leads to hundreds of global underworld arrests.” Again, let’s hope this great sting won’t lead to the turnstile justice that certain municipalities are practicing at present.

Another NYP headline: “El Salvador will be first country to adopt bitcoin as legal tender.” I wonder if I’ll figure out how it works before I shuffle off this mortal coil.

Headline from “Washington State Sets Up ‘Joints for Jabs’ Covid Vaccine Incentive.” It’s not surprising, is it? Seems the world is running out of practices that shock.

Is it possible — a moderate Democrat in this day and age? West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin seems to be one. He opposes the For the People Act, which would federalize nearly all election rules. He is now in the crosshairs of leftists.

RIP former NY football Giants coach Jim Fassel, 71, who succumbed to a heart attack. He was the head man from 1997–2003, winning NFL Coach of the Year in ’97 and leading the team to Super Bowl XXXV three years later, a loss to the Baltimore Ravens. His record was 58–53–1. His five-year tenure as head coach at University of Utah, ‘85-’89, was not successful, 14–26. He served as a coordinator with five different NFL franchises, including Big Blue. He won back to back championships in the United Football League with the Las Vegas Locomotives in 2009-’10. Well done, sir. Thank you.

I ordered six copies of two of my books from Amazon on 5/12. They arrived last night, 6/8 — almost four weeks later. WTF? Still, it’s great to be fully loaded again. My thanks to the kind folks who bought and donated wares on this gorgeous day that is now offering a violent thunderstorm that prompted me to unplug the laptop. Here’s what sold: Rough Country by John Sandford, I Is for Innocent by Sue Grafton, Black Creek Crossing by John Saul; five novels and four DVDs in Russian; four DVDs in English. Dave brought the first delivery of the hundreds of DVDs he copied through the years. I’ll offer them only to those who always ask. There’s no sense risking selling bootlegs openly.

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