Blowin’ Smoke

vic fortezza
2 min readNov 8, 2023

A police helicopter in Wales captured a circular rainbow on camera. I don’t recall having ever heard of one, but there are several pictures of others on the page I googled, so I must give myself a DUH! Photo from Google Images:

It’s National Dunce Day. I’ve often worn the crown:

Pop culture never ceases to take a fascinating turn. Here’s another, headline from “Blowing up: Competitive vapers entering ‘cloud chase’ contests: ‘What skateboarding was 20 years ago’.” I frequently chuckle at the clouds some people emit on the street. Photo from GI:

This guy must be living right, from NYP: “FanDuel bettor turns 25-cent bet into $23,673 win with 25-leg parlay.” Odds were 100,000–1. I would have guessed a million-to-one. Duh!

Par for the political course, from NYP: “Taxpayers are subsidizing rich electric-vehicle owners — to the tune of billions.” Duh!

Here’s why Republicans shouldn’t let recent polls get their hopes up. Headline from “Virginia Dems Flip House, Keep Senate in Blow to Gov. Youngkin.” Many thought he would be a top presidential candidate, but he couldn’t rally the state behind him. Granted, Virginia is filled with government hacks. Is the issue of abortion more important to voters than crime, the economy and the border? Earth to the people — the number of abortions nationwide has actually gone up. Duh! Can the Dems win control of all three branches of the government on the basis of one issue? Apparently so. They are so much better at politicking than their counterparts.

Fortunately there was good news, from FN: “Texas voters overwhelmingly approve measure greenlighting more fossil fuel development.”

Headline from “ANTISEMITISM EXPOSED: Jewish Americans flocking to gun stores as antisemitic violence surges worldwide.” Who can blame them?

From FN: “Chicago residents explode with anger over migrants, sanctuary policies.” You get what you vote for. Duh!

Not much action at the floating book shop on this crisp, gorgeous day. My thanks to Dave & Kim, who left a bag of valuable titles beside my car, and to Herbie, who bought Nathaniel by John Saul; and to Alice, who purchased 25th Birthday by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro.

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