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3 min readSep 23, 2023

I am aware that filmmaker Sofia Coppolla is a cousin of Nicolas Cage, whose birth name is Coppolla. I’m not sure I’d ever heard he had two brothers working in the film industry: director/producer Christopher Coppolla and actor/DJ Marc Coppolla, the elder. Nic is the youngest. Since he is so well-known, I’ll concentrate on the others. My interest was prompted by the airing last night on Movies!, channel 5–2 on OTA in NYC, of Dracula’s Widow (1988), Christopher’s first film. Rated only 4.1 on a scale of ten at IMDb, its chief asset is its star, Sylvia Kristel, who shot to fame in the then racy Emmanuelle (1974), one of her 69 credits. A mom of one, she was taken by cancer at 60 in 2012. The only other cast members I recognized are Josef Sommer as the cop and Lenny von Dohlen as the vampire’s stooge. The last of the former’s 102 credits came in 2010. The latter amassed 70 credits, one to be released posthumously, before his passing last year… Christopher has fared much better helming TV shows than movies. Only one of his big screen efforts has attracted a strong rating, Bel Air (2000), a take-off on Sunset Boulevard (1950), 7.3. It stars brother Marc, and Nic was one of its producers. Christopher’s television works, twelve episodes of four different series, have an average rating of better than seven, his movies about 4.5. He also has 21 credits as a producer, eight as an actor and eight as a writer. He co-wrote Dracula’s Widow with Kathryn Ann Thomas, her only credit. He’s a father of one. Marc’s film career began in 1979, doing the voice of the radio announcer in Apocalypse Now. There are 22 titles under his name, including The Cotton Club (1984), Leaving Las Vegas (1995), for which Nic won an Oscar; The Bling Ring (2013), directed by cousin Sofia; and two episodes of Law & Order. He makes frequent appearances on The Howard Stern Show. He is currently working for WAXQ, WLTW & WKTU in NYC. He’s a father of two. Photo from Google Images:

And here’s Christopher, photo from GI:

And here’s Kristel in character, photo from GI:

Headline from “‘Woke’ San Francisco Hits Overdose Death Record in August.” SMH.

The floating book shop was rained out. I filled the time slot by doing a little work at the old house, which is up for sale. I found something useful for myself — a mousepad, and I put a number of unearthed, choice music cassettes in the lobby of our building. Someone is probably still using them.

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