Cloudy But Glorious Day

vic fortezza
3 min readJun 27, 2022

From A Minnesota woman captured this amazing cloud formation that looks more like an ocean wave. The pic has gone viral. Is it a metaphor for America’s woes?

A headline at NYP used yet another term completely unfamiliar to me, so I googled it. “Catfishing” refers to when a person takes information and images, typically from others, and uses them to create a new identity.

The deaths of Russian generals in Ukraine have been startling. Apparently, there numbers are depleted. From NYP: “Heavy reinforcements: Putin calls in retired, obese general to fight in Ukraine.” Remember that appearances are often deceiving. Photo from Google Images:

Fodder for sci-fi writers in this NYP headline: “NASA wants to put nuclear reactor on the moon, hopes to support lunar life.” According to the accompanying article by Heather Brinkmann: “The hope is that a nuclear reactor would produce the power needed to operate rovers, conduct experiments and help support life.”

Surprising headline from “Survey: More Than 60 Percent of Americans Take Sleep Aids.” Then again, given the media’s focus on the negative, maybe it isn’t that surprising that so many need help getting to sleep.

Headline from “NYC primary candidate appointed dead activist to Brooklyn Democratic Party position: report.” Why not? She could represent all the dead who voted.

Also from FN: “‘IMPOSSIBLE TO IMAGINE’: Russians hit crowded Ukraine mall with airstrikes, rescuers search for survivors.” Geez.

Green Day’s frontman has renounced his citizenship in the wake of the recent Supreme Court rulings. I’m not surprised, given the title of one of the band’s albums and the musical based on it, American Idiot. I’m saddened because I will be reminded of this whenever I hear a song of theirs I like.

As readers of this blog know, I believe prayer falls on deaf ears, but I do not belittle anyone who prays, as many find it comforting. That’s why this is the best news of the day: “Coach Joe Kennedy celebrates Supreme Court win: ‘This is a victory for everybody in America’.” Here’s my summary of the accompanying article by Ronn Blitzer: A teacher in the state of Washington, Kennedy first led his entire team in postgame prayer. When administrators put the kibosh on that, he prayed by himself and was fired in 2015. During his eight-year tenure as head man, only two players complained — and both became team captains. Photo from GI:

More nice news. There’s a new fad — mermaiding. Photo from GI:

There was a part A and B of the floating book shop today. Given the threat of rain, I decided to display only DVDs, CDs and Russian books. After a half hour and a few sales, it began sprinkling, so I packed up and set off to do some chores. When done, it was no longer raining, so I again put out the same wares. My thanks to the lovely young, tattooed woman who overcompensated me for two books in Russian, and to Lou and The Quiet Man, who each bought a bunch of bootleg DVDs at a deep discount. It took some of the sting out of yesterday’s goose egg.

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