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3 min readMar 17, 2023

California coast, photo from

Headline from “Woke LA DA offering free shuttle service so staff can get to work safely.” Everybody else — you’re on your own.

From NYP: “Pigeon busted wearing ‘drug smuggling’ backpack at another prison.” British Columbia.

Another win for good guys, headline out of Detroit: “Armed robber shot by concealed carry permit holder after threatening to kill friend, police say.”

From an FN article by Gary Gastelu, edited by yours truly: The folks at YouTube channel WhistlinDiesel have been testing Tesla Model 3’s, including driving one with a parking boot attached. They decided to see if it would drive upside down — and it did! Photo from Google Images:

RIP prolific actor Lance Reddick, who died suddenly at 60. Born in Baltimore, he attended a conservatory and took up acting to help his music ambition. His career spanned 1996 to the present. There are 112 titles under his name at IMDb, including seven that will be released posthumously. As usual, that figure is misleading, as he appeared in 90 episodes alone of Fringe, 68 of Bosch, 60 of The Wire, at least ten of six other shows, and at least of five of several more. He is in all four of the John Wick films. Married twice, he was a father of two. Gone way too soon. Thank you, sir. Photo from GI:

I always wonder why there is so little news out of Iraq. Whether U.S. meddling was justified or not, the situation needs to be addressed. In an NYP op-ed piece by former Senator Joseph Lieberman, he provides this info: “Iraq has held six democratic elections since Saddam, and its parliament produced a constitution ratified in a free national referendum. In 2003, Iraq’s gross domestic product was $20.9 billion. In 2021, it was $208 billion. Literacy rates have risen significantly to almost 90%, and Iraqis’ average life span went from 67 years before the war to 72 pre-pandemic.” Sounds like progress, although one may still argue that it wasn’t worth all the deaths. Thank you, sir.

Interesting development in France, headline from “Macron Ups French Retirement Age Without Parliament.” Rare backbone from a politician. Kudos.

It was surprisingly mild, and the floating book shop enjoyed another good session. My thanks to the gentleman who kicked things off by buying a DVD of Dodgers’ world championships; and to the one who jumped on The Godfather box set; and to The Quiet Man, who took home a DVD containing eight episodes of The Andy Griffith Show; and to Alice, who bought the umpteenth copy of Elie Weisel’s Night sold through the years; and to the gentleman who purchased seven hardcovers in Russian; and to the ladies who swapped and donated books.

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