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vic fortezza
3 min readJun 9, 2022

Correction: yesterday I commented on the prime time senate hearing on the January 6th riot. I was a day early. It’s tonight. My apologies.

It will be hard to top this headline today. From “Store clerk uses bug spray to shoo away serial robbery suspect.” It happened in the state of Washington. Photo from Google Images:

Sign of the times in an article by Ryan Glasspiegel at NYP, in my own words: Ohio State QB C.J. Stroud, a redshirt sophomore, has signed a Name, Image and Likeness deal with a car dealership in Canton. He’ll be driving a $200,000 Mercedes G Wagon, and has the option to swap vehicles every 45–60 days. It would be nice if he earned a degree.

So will the recall of the Frisco radical DA reduce crime in that beautiful city? Is there anyone there who isn’t a leftist, willing to enact tough measures?

We’re saved, headline from NYP: “House passes gun control bill after Buffalo, Uvalde attacks.”

Any takers? NYP headline: “Balsamic vinegar ‘soda’ trend debated as ‘healthy Coke’ option: ‘disgusting’.” Include me out.

WTF headline from NYP: “Teens jumping in front of moving trucks: ‘Angel of death’ TikTok challenge kills 2.”

I wonder if those who posted Justice Kavanaugh’s address online are disappointed that the psycho didn’t fulfill his threat. Will Schumer’s incendiary comments be cited by the mainstream media as possible motivation? Wanna buy a bridge? Will Dems try to brand the nut as a white supremacist? Don’t put it past them.

Here is one of the most surprising headlines I’ve ever seen, from “Public support for ‘assault weapons’ ban hits all-time low as Democrats push gun restrictions, poll finds.” Also surprising, polls done Quinnipiac University usually have a liberal bias. Not surprising in our deeply divided nation, according to the findings, 50% support a ban, 45% oppose.

The rain cleared out, the sidewalk dried, and a breeze was, as usual, blowing along Avenue Z, optimal conditions for the floating book shop. As so often happens when DVDs are donated, there may be a personal one such as a Bar Mitzvah included inadvertently. That was the case today. Fortunately, the gentleman passed on the way home and scoffed at his oversight of his daughter’s Sweet 16 and wedding videos. My thanks, and to Wolf, who bought 19 Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts and a nine disc set of Mel Brooks movies; and to the woman who purchased Twilight and Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer; and to the gentleman who took home a cook book in Russian and 3rd Degree by James Patterson and Andrew Gross; and to the one who chose the awesome Barron’s Student’s Concise Encyclopedia; and to the one who opted for Blindsight by Robin Cook; and to the woman who selected a huge Intermediate Algebra textbook and several CDs, two by Richard Clyderman, who is completely unfamiliar to me but who made great song selections; and last but not least to the woman who capped the session by buying a hardcover in Russian while I was packing up. I am blessed.

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