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3 min readFeb 20, 2024

Rome vigil in memory of late Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Reuters photo by Yara Nardi:

Another new term, culled from a Google search: “Popcorn Brain” refers to the tendency for our attention and focus to jump quickly from one thing to another, like popping corn kernels.”

There are consequences in Israel’s fight for survival. Headline from “Israel’s Economy Shrank by Nearly 20 Percent Since Oct. 7.”

Biting the hands that help feed you. From NM: “Hawaii Seeks to Impose $25 Climate Tax on Tourists.”

Show of hands. How many out there know there is a patron saint of murderers? Julian the Hospitaller is also the patron of boatmen, carnival workers, childless people, circus workers, clowns, ferrymen, fiddlers, hospitallers, hospitality ministers, hotel-keepers, hunters, innkeepers, jugglers, knights, pilgrims, shepherds, wandering musicians. Born in the 4th century, his origin is in dispute. It is believed he built hopitals. Boccaccio & Flaubert have written stories about him. He is the subject of two operas, two obscure novels and at least one work of non-fiction. Facts from Wiki, photo from Google Images:

Stunning news out of Indiana regarding a 16-year-old biological male. From an article by Kendall Tietz: “Mary and Jeremy Cox are appealing to the Supreme Court after they were investigated by Indiana officials for refusing to refer to their son using pronouns and a name inconsistent with his biological sex.” The kid also suffers an eating disorder. There should be a law that prevents sex change to anyone under 18. Even then, how many kids that age are mature and secure enough to make such a decision? I wasn’t.

As if any more proof of the crazed state of the world is needed at present, here are a headline and sub-headline from FN: “Seattle radio host blasts irony of gay, pro-Hamas activists seeking ‘homosexual Intifada’: ‘Stark oxymoron’.” “Rantz noted the irony of the LGBTQ support for Palestinians, saying, ‘being openly gay isn’t just a social taboo; it’s a fast track to execution’ in Gaza.” These woke need to wake.

Among February 20th’s many celebrations, it’s No Politics Day. If only. It’s also Clean Out Your Bookcase Day. Apparently, no one in the area of the Anit-Inflation Book Shop knew of this, as there were no donations on this gorgeous day of moderating temperature. My thanks to the woman who bought The Human Stain by Philip Roth, and to the one who took home a hardcover in Russian; and to the one who purchased Chinese Civilization: A Sourcebook, by Patricia Buckley Ebrey, Manet: The Ultimate Impressionist by Sylvie Patin; and The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe by Angela Kelly. I love it when a customer buys stuff other than the popular.

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