Gun control advocates may be disappointed by the following headline: “West Virginia woman with pistol shoots, kills man firing at graduation party: ‘Saved several lives’.” Kudos, madam. Only the whacko was killed. Miraculously, no one was hit by his fire. He used an assault weapon, illegally obtained.

Has Trump miscalculated by attending the NRA convention while other Republicans bailed? Time will tell. The man has big ones. I tried to find info on violent crimes committed by NRA members but nothing I saw was definitive. My guess is the number is extremely low. For the record, I don’t own a gun and I’m uncomfortable around them, but I support the Second Amendment.

Bad news on the war front. FN headline: “Russia captures strategically important town ahead of ‘next stage’ of Ukraine invasion: UK intelligence.” Is it the beginning of what seemed at first inevitable? Will the hopes of all who have been praying for a huge upset be dashed?

Several years ago — it may even be a decade — I read an article where the writer, I don’t recall who it was, gleefully addressed the struggles of a few Tom Cruise films at the box office. Time has proven that celebration premature, as this headline manifests: “The ‘Top Gun’ sequel is the highest scoring Memorial Day weekend debut of all time.” Cruise is 59 and still a huge draw. I have not seen Top Gun (1986) and will not watch the sequel, but I look forward to the next installment of Mission Impossible.

A search sent me to Twitter for a blog friendly pic of the following NYC poster:

Yesterday the blog focused on the book Political Ponerology by Andrew Lobaczewski, a psychiatrist addressing evil and what to do about it. It was so taxing that I forgot to end with a bit of humor I’d had in mind for several days, which I’d hoped would leaven the entry. Actually the pun occurred to me when I first noted the title several months ago, dirty old man that I am. Here it is, a day late but hopefully not short: I eagerly await the sequel on sexuality — Bonerology. Rimshot.

My thanks to the woman who bought a score of DVDs in Russian. She was my only customer. That dough went toward gasoline. I closed shop 35 minutes early, as nasty cumulonimbus clouds were approaching. I was done packing up before the sprinkling intensified. I am blessed.

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vic fortezza

I was born in Brooklyn in 1950 to Sicilian immigrants. I’ve had more than 50 short stories published world wide. I have 13 books in print.