From an article at by Ben Cost, edited by yours truly: “… A small crowd of intrepid epicures are headed toward the forests of the East Coast and Midwest to catch Cicadas, which emerge only every 17 years.” The hunters intend to eat them. One guy describes the flavor as akin to “cold asparagus.” Include me out. Here’s a dish of fried cicadas in a potato-leek puree with chilis, peas and cauliflower:

Perhaps you prefer reptile — headline from “Alligator chases people through Wendy’s parking lot in Florida.”

RIP Charles Grodin, 86, at home on the stage, the big and small screen, and behind the scenes. Born in Pittsburgh, he forged an impressive career. There are 70 titles under his name at IMDb. He did 65 episodes of The Young Marrieds in the mid ‘60’s, then began appearing in notable films: Rosemary’s Baby (1968), Catch 22 (1969), and his breakout role in The Heartbreak Kid (1972). Although he will probably be remembered most for his role opposite a dog in Beethoven (1992), I believe his best work is Midnight Run (1988), as the bounty hunter’s prisoner opposite Robert DeNiro. He was an entertaining presence on talk shows, adopting a faux surly presence, mocking hosts, who ate it up. He directed three Broadway plays, the most notable the highly acclaimed Lovers and Other Strangers in 1968. He appeared in three, including the 1975 original production of Same Time Next Year opposite Ellen Burstyn. He also directed three TV movies, including The Paul Simon Special (1977), for which he shared a writing Emmy with several others. Well done, sir. Thank you.

Logical headline from NYP: “If AP really didn’t know it shared space with Hamas, why trust its reporting?” The organization had been in the building 15 years.

Here’s a pic that baffled many internet users until astute observers figured it out. It was posted to Reddit by MK24ever. The trick will be explained below the photo.

She is standing beside a wall made in the same design.

Andrew Cuomo earned $5.12 million for his book touting his pandemic leadership. The families of those who died in New York nursing homes should file suit to take the money away. The work has sold in the neighborhood of 50,000 copies, not nearly enough for the publisher, Crown, to recoup its investment. Serves them right.

Texas, dubbed Neanderthal when it reopened, had zero daily COVID deaths on Sunday.

My thanks to the woman who bought five books in Russian, and to the one who purchased three; and to The Quiet Man, who took home four DVDs, while another guy selected two. The only book in English that sold today was a large tome on medical terms.

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