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3 min readOct 20, 2021

From an article by Sean Keach at, in my own words: Here’s a bit of trivia I’d never considered: What was the first web site? It came into being 30 years ago, 8/6/’91, the work of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, then 33, hailed as the inventor of the web, which professional blowhard Al Gore might dispute. It’s called The World Wide Web Project and still exists:

Many leftists act as if the USA is a terrible place. Here’s a headline from that flies in the face of that: “Report: Hispanic Home Ownership Approaching 50 Percent Benchmark.”

The mainstream media is too busy to cover any riot other than that of January 6th. Here’s an excerpt from an article at by Cortney O’Brien on what happened last night on the left coast: “A crowd of 100 people wreaked havoc in downtown Portland, Oregon — smashing storefront windows, lighting dumpsters on fire and causing at least $500,000 in damage — but police officers didn’t stop them,”…

And what would a day be without Covid conflict? From FN: “Twitter erupts with support for In-N-Out after company refuses to enforce vaccine mandate: ‘#DoNotComply’.” Here’s another: “High School ‘Teacher of the Year’ faces termination over vaccine mandate.”

I think I have this straight, from an article by Andrew Mark Miller at, in my own words: China supplies 85% of the world’s magnesium, which is used to manufacture car parts. Since the country is suffering an energy crisis, it has shut down factories to conserve power. This may lead to a shortage of vehicles and higher prices for them. It’s the second of a double whammy. Auto production slowed during the pandemic, and computer chip makers shifted to satisfy strong demand for laptops, gaming devices and tablets, leading to a shortage that may not be resolved until next year. I hope this isn’t as bad as it sounds.

During my morning walk the past few months, I’ve frequently spotted rats. As if there isn’t enough to worry about, here’s a headline from FN: “Leptospirosis cases surge in NYC: What to know about the rat-spread infectious disease.” According to the accompanying article by Julia Musto: “Symptoms of the disease include high fever, headache, chills, muscle aches, vomiting, jaundice, red eyes, abdominal pain, diarrhea and a rash. However, some people may experience no symptoms at all… the patient may recover but become ill again and the second phase is more severe, leading to kidney damage, meningitis, liver failure, respiratory distress and death… is treated with antibiotics… People can reduce the risk of acquiring the illness by not swimming in contaminated water or eliminating contact with potentially infected animals.” I don’t do either. I hope that means I’m safe.

My thanks to the kind folks who donated, swapped and bought books on this glorious day. For the first time this week the incoming was greater than the outgoing, but not by a wide margin. A few of the new arrivals are already gone. Here’s what sold: Time Magazine’s The Making of America, The Human Factor by Graham Green, Dark Angel by Karen Harper, Obsession Falls by Christina Dodd, a pictorial on Impressionists, Official Rules of Card Games by Us Playing Card Co., a thin hardcover on Dior, and a pictorial on works on display in the Louvre.

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