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3 min readNov 30, 2022

RIP Christine McVie, 79, one the voices of Fleetwood Mac. Born Christine Anne Perfect in England, she began studying piano seriously at eleven. At 15 she shifted her focus from classical music to rock. Her first band was Chicken Shack, whose albums charted in the UK at #12 and #9 in 1968 & ’69. After marrying bassist John McVie, she joined Fleetwood Mac in ’70. In ’74 Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham joined the band, and its popularity soared. The ’75 eponymous #1 album included McVie’s Over My Head and Say You Love Me, both reaching Billboard’s Top 20. That was followed by the mega-smash Rumours, which included two top ten hits of hers: You Make Loving Fun and Don’t Stop. The Tusk album included her Think About Me, which cracked the Top 20. The band’s #1 1982 comeback disc, Mirage, featured McVie’s Hold Me, which hit the top five. Her second solo album, eponymous, released in ’84, contained the top ten hit Got a Hold on Me. In ‘87 Fleetwood Mac released Tango in the Night. Its biggest hit, top five, was McVie’s Little Lies, co-written with her second husband, Eddy Quintela. Eight of her songs appear on the band’s 1988 greatest hits collection. She recorded three solo albums and one with Lindsey Buckingham. Her list of awards and honors is stunning. Well done, Madam. Thank you. Facts from Wiki, photo from Google Images:

Why is this kind of greed only rarely condemned? Headline from “NYC retirees sue Adams administration for $55M… over $15 health-care copays.” The culture of gimme bites the hand that created and feeds it.

If only… NYP headline: “Tyrants in Iran, China and Russia tremble at the power of the people.”

From NYP: “Trump ‘highly unlikely’ to be president again over Kanye West-Nick Fuentes dinner: McConnell.” Recall that Quid Pro Joe is president despite frequently breaking bread with segregationists and even delivering a eulogy at a Klansman’s funeral.

From NYP: “Elderly couple weds where they first met — next to the mayo at the grocery store.” Love it.

Headline from “Elon Musk drops bombshell about how Twitter ‘interfered’ in past elections.” It would be a bombshell only to those independents who weren’t paying attention.

The floating book shop was rained out. Fortunately I’m working on a novella, and it helped fill time constructively today. I’m about two-thirds of the way through the third draft of Coincidence. This time I’m typing it into the computer, making changes and additions as I go along, saving a Word Pad version in my gmail account, and another in Google Docs. I’ve discovered that the latter can be used in much the same way as Microsoft Word. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a way to upload that file to Amazon.

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