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3 min readJul 23, 2022

This Ohio couple is celebrating their 100th birthdays and 79 years of marriage. Many more. Photo from Google Images:

Face it: I don’t know what the exact percentage is in terms of violent criminals, but 1–5% of the population should be behind bars, and there is probably nothing that will ever change that figure. Scanning news sites these days is demoralizing.

RIP, brave souls. Two more Americans were killed recently in the fighting in Ukraine, bringing the total to four. No details yet.

I doubt any headline in today’s news will top this: “Why astronauts are warned not to masturbate in zero gravity: NASA scientist.” Expect a porn video on this very soon.

It would be very refreshing if Steve Bannon stands by his convictions regarding his contempt of congress conviction. My contempt for that body of miscreants couldn’t be more, but I doubt I’d have the pits to stand up to it.

Headline from newsmax.com: “House Dems Reject Resolution Condemning Attacks on Churches, Anti-abortion Groups.” Would they like to see more?

How awesome that the following billboard has popped up in the liberal bastion of NYC, in Times Square. Kudos to JCN. Photo from GI:

Friday night’s movie fix courtesy of Netflix by mail is one that fell through the cracks decades ago, The Ipcress File (1965), an adaptation of a novel by Len Deighton. It’s the first of two appearances of reluctant spy Harry Palmer— Funeral in Berlin (1966) — putting in time to avoid a jail sentence for shenanigans while in the Army. An agent is killed and a scientist and a valuable device go missing. The plot isn’t complicated and it’s realistic, close to what real intelligence work is probably like. Only one aspect strained credulity. I enjoyed it. Although the action and body count pales compared to modern fare, it’s a solid film. Michael Caine is/was perfectly cast as the snarky hero. Brit stalwarts Nigel Green, Guy Doleman, Gordon Jackson and Sue Lloyd lend their considerable talents in support. My only quibble is that the dialogue often seems mechanical. Sidney J. Furie’s direction was/is subtly arty. Then again, if I noticed, maybe it isn’t/wasn’t subtle. I’ve never understood directing, only that certain names are responsible for a lot of good flicks. Here’s the great Caine in character. Photo from GI:

I wasn’t expecting any business at the floating book shop on this the hottest day of the heat wave, so it was especially gratifying when two repeat customers came along and made purchases. My thanks to the elderly woman who selected Crown Jewel by Fern Michaels and Always and Forever by Cynthia Freeman; and to the middle aged woman who chose both Night and Dawn by Elie Wiesel, and War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells.

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