Father Time

vic fortezza
2 min readNov 19, 2022

Fodder for sci-fi writers in a nypost.com headline: “Facebook convinced time travel is real after ‘cellphone’ spotted in WWII pic.” Reykjavík, Iceland, 1943 — who was he calling? Photo from nypost.com:

From NYP: “Hero girl, 10, helps mom give birth at home — and now wants to be a doctor.” Go for it, kiddo. Kudos.

Headline from newsmax.com: “Average 401(k) Balance Declines 23% to $97,200.” Thanks, Joe.

Will the Republican majority in the House be enough to offset the RINOs who might defect on new spending? If no such bills are passed, inflation may tick downward — if the cost of energy doesn’t go higher.

I don’t know why I added The Father (2020) to my Netflix list, probably because of its six Oscar nominations, which included a Best Actor win for the great Anthony Hopkins, his second (The Silence of the Lambs {1992}) . It is the story of an elderly man’s mental deterioration. It is well done, but essentially pointless, at least to me, who witnessed it in real life. Users at IMDb disagree. 152,000+ have rated it 8.2 on a scale of ten. Director Florian Zeller co-wrote the screenplay with Christopher Hampton, whose 45 credits include the solid adaptation of Ian McEwan’s novel Atonement (2007). This was Zeller’s first film after a TV doc. To my surprise, it was highly successful at the box office, returning almost $25 million on a budget estimated at $6 million. Add streaming, DVD sale and rentals, and the creative triumvirate should get much more work thrown at them by producers. They deserve it, despite my opinion about The Father. Those of a certain age who do not want to be reminded of what may be ahead should pass. I wish I had. Here are Best Supporting Actress nominee Olivia Colman and Hopkins in character. photo from Google Images:

A cold but beautiful day. My thanks to the woman who bought No Greater Love by Danielle Steel and Both/And: A Memoir by Huma Abedin; and to the one who purchased The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank; and to the one who took home a detective novel in Russian.

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