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3 min readAug 10, 2022

RIP author David McCullough, 89. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, a graduate of Yale, he was a master at bringing American history to life. There are 13 books listed at his Wiki profile. He received numerous honorifics, including two Pulitzers and two National Book Awards. Two of his bios were adapted to TV: John Adams as a mini-series, and Truman as a movie. He also wrote six episodes of Smithsonian World and one of Nova. He hosted PBS’ American Experience from 1988 to 1999. He provided narration on several Ken Burns’ projects and the film Seabiscuit (2003). He received more than 40 honorary degrees. A dad of five, he was married from 1954 until his wife’s passing earlier this year. Awesome, sir. Thank you. Photo from Google Images:

RIP music legend Lamont Dozier, 81, part of Holland-Dozier-Holland team that created a multitude of hits for Motown artists. Born and raised in Detroit, he co-wrote and produced 14 US Billboard #1’s. Along with Brian Holland, Dozier served as the team’s musical arranger and producer. A singer himself, he had minor success in the late ‘50’s and early ‘60’s as part of three groups, and released three singles under Lamont Anthony. He began again as a solo artist in the early ‘70’s, doing well on the R&B charts. He composed for Alison Moyet, Peabo Bryson & Regina Belle, Yes’ John Anderson, Phil Collins, Debbie Gibson and Joss Stone. He cut twelve albums, three cracking the top 30 on the R&B charts. He is a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Married three times, he is a dad of six. Well done, sir. Thank you. Photo from GI:

Headline from nypost.com: “Job swap: Robots will restock grocery shelves in hundreds of stores amid labor shortage.” I have no idea if this is a plus overall, but I’m for it if it reduces prices.

Snippet from an NYP editorial: “… IRS employee numbers swell by 92% thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act…” No word yet if they’ve taken the oath of omerta.

So when can we expect a guns-drawn FBI raid of any of the Biden crime family’s residences, or Billary’s, for that matter?

Not much action at the floating book shop on this pleasant day. My thanks to the woman with the Russian accent who bought seven Chinese school workbooks, and also gave me grapes from her garden; and to Alice, who traded a Grisham and a Steel for a Steel. Candy spotted the cover of a book on JFK Jr. and reminisced about how he would come to her husband’s gigs. Thirsty Dave is the lead singer of country swing band Western Caravan. Candy would man the door to make sure everyone paid the five buck cover charge, no exceptions. One night Junior said he’d left his wallet home and the four women standing at the entrance reached into their bags at the same time to provide the cover charge. Candy said he was a very nice guy and even more handsome in person.

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