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2 min readJun 10, 2024

Tokyo, photo by Donn Delson, posted at

Carnac the Magnificent predicts the Hunter Biden verdict: “Not guilty by reason of pedigree.” May a president’s son steal your crack pipe. Photo from Google images:

Headline from “Weather disasters decreased despite warming, study finds.” Climate zealots will only shout louder.

Headline from “Big Wins for Right in EU Elections.” How long before they move left, disappointing those to whom they’d given hope? Britain’s conservatives have become a joke. Please prove me wrong.

Interesting California bruhaha involving a doctor/mom cited in a article by Yael Halon, edited by yours truly: A web post in which she said she refused to return a grocery store shopping cart went viral. She caught a lot of flak. She explained she would not leave her kids in the car to return a cart, leaving them vulnerable to a predator. I see her point.

Al Goodwyn cartoon:

Business remains sluggish at the Anti-Inflation Book Shop, despite gorgeous weather. My thanks to The Quiet Man, who bought a 50’s CD, and to my Constant Benefactress, who donated three career-related titles.

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