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vic fortezza
2 min readMar 18


Caption to a article: “A CNN correspondent in San Francisco to report on the city’s ‘rampant street crime’ had her rental car broken into Friday — even with hired security tasked with watching the vehicle.” Karma for the wing of the Democratic party?

Anyone surprised by this NYP headline?: “Private-federal censorship machine targeted TRUE ‘misinformation’.” Big Brother at work.

Headline from “Rural Michigan communities revolt over plans to build Chinese-owned factories nearby: ‘It’s disgusting’.” Kudos. I believe we are already at war with the Big Red Machine. I picture their leaders laughing at the naivete of ours.

Also fighting back against current mainstream trends: Patrick Henry College in Virginia, headline from FN: “Homeschoolers flock to this small Christian college that counters Ivy League’s culture.” Kudos.

Each day it seems there is an NYP article about a mistake made on either Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy. Little brothers and sisters are watching, eager to pounce. It’s odd and hopefully harmless.

The lack of parking forced the floating book shop to its last resort location, and the results were typical, one sale, and an odd one at that. My thanks to the Latino gentleman who bought two Russian DVDs, and to whoever purchased Coincidence at Amazon recently.

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