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vic fortezza
2 min readFeb 25, 2024

It’s Fashion Week in Milan, photo from Reuters:

Nikki Haley won’t drop out. Her hopes rest on Trump being jailed. Sadly, no other Republican resonates nationwide other than DT…

This was among my email today: “Kris wants you to see her photos for only $1.00.” She’s 61, from New Hampshire. Does she know there are millions of pics available for free on the web? Hats off if she’s able to generate a satisfying income against the competition.

I’ve always enjoyed the work of Bob Costas, so I’m disappointed he has called Trump supporters a “toxic cult.” That’s approximately 45% of the country. Silly us, we long for the pre-Covid successes of his presidency. I guess that makes us crazy. Does Costas have anything to say about the current administration and the lawlessness and cultural chaos it encourages?

I sense this idea will incite a violent reaction. I hope I’m wrong. Headline from “Construction workers being replaced by AI robot bricklayers.” Yes, it will cut costs for builders, but will it do so for those who buy buildings and homes? If not, the bots should be sent to the scrap heap. Photo from Google Images:

From FN: “Mortgage rates creep toward 7%, straining homebuyer affordability: Freddie Mac.” It doesn’t seem that long ago that that rate would have been considered great. When I bought my co-op in ’88, the ceiling of the adjustable mortgage was 13.9%. Fortunately, it never got close to that. In fact, mine went lower and lower, and I paid it off in 15 years, not the 30 at which it was set.

Sunshine, not much wind, but cold, so I spent half of today’s session of the Anti-Inflation Book Shop in the car as a precaution. My thanks to the gentleman who bought four Israeli CDs, and to my Constant Benefactress, who insisted on paying for Loving Women by Pete Hamill despite donating four books; and to the young woman who delivered an awesome pictorial.

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