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Headline from “No ship! NYC house made of shipping containers sells for $5 million.” Here it is:

Snippet from an article by Clay Travis at “… all over the country college football fans showed up in massive crowds without wearing masks and sent America the message that it was time to get back to normal, the covid fear porn purveyors had lost the battle to keep us living in fear forever.” May it be true. I wonder how the mainstream media will cover this. If there are spikes coast to coast, how will it be spun to blame the usual villains? “Crowds of Trump supporters packed college football stadiums, leading to…” Here’s a shot from Virginia Tech’s Lane Stadium:

I’ve just begun reading a book on the music business. The legendary songwriting team Lieber and Stoller were influenced by a song from a 1951 Italian film, Anna, starring Silvano Mangano. I remember blogging about it. El Negron Zumbon (mocker, scoffer) is Brazilian baion — samba. Lieber claims it’s the only beat he ever discovered that “could keep a slow ballad moving and cooking, to remain interesting.” The team used it regularly, adding one instrument at a time, record by record, referring to it as “the Lieber-Stoller kit.” They introduced it to Burt Bacharach, who used it for decades. Thousands of pop records have used the rhythm, producers refining it through the years. Here’s a clip from the movie. The beat will be familiar. I lack the ear to hear its application on hits such as Spanish Harlem, On Broadway, Stand By Me and Save the Last Dance for Me, but I hope to pay close attention when any of those songs come up on a stream or one of my car CDs. Although Mangano’s name is on the record, the actual vocalist is Flo Sandon, an Italian popular post-WWII. I’ve been practicing the first 18 notes of the main riff for a couple of years, although I’m not sure I have it right:

Here are the legendary duo, Stoller at the piano:

Mixed results today at the floating book shop. The threat of rain was constant, so I couldn’t relax, and I pulled my own books out of the display when it began to sprinkle halfway through the session, which always gives the endeavor the feel of lost opportunity. Still, a woman donated a bunch more art pictorials, six in Russian, of which another woman bought two, thanking me effusively, and an elderly woman donated three hardcovers in Russian that look like romance novels. My thanks to all.

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vic fortezza

I was born in Brooklyn in 1950 to Sicilian immigrants. I’ve had more than 50 short stories published world wide. I have 13 books in print.