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2 min readFeb 19, 2024

Lantern Festival, New Taipei city, Taiwan. Reuters photo by Ann Wang, posted at

In a bid to raise funds, Donald Trump has created sneakers that sell for $399. Except for the logo of the American flag, they are gaudy, best suited as a collector’s item. Anyone who wears them in public would likely set himself up for verbal abuse or worse… Headline from “Trump ‘Never Surrender’ High-Tops Sell Out in Hours.” Photo from Google Images:

Another Soros. Headline from “Swiss billionaire recently poured over $60M into left-wing groups and causes.” This is only one reason why the left has prevailed. Its acolytes are relentless politically.

From FN: “Riley Gaines Goes Off On Trans Athlete Injuring Females: ‘Used To Be Domestic Abuse’.” She is a former collegiate swimmer. Kudos.

Another brisk, beautiful day, perfect for conducting business curbside. My thanks to the mom and daughter who bought three titles in Russian, and to those who swapped and donated.

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