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2 min readSep 25, 2023

Rugby World Cup 2023 — Pool C — Wales v Australia, photo from

RIP Terry Kirkman, 83, founding member of The Association. Born in Kansas, raised in southern California, he worked briefly with Frank Zappa, David Crosby and Cass Elliott. In 1965 he and Jules Alexander formed The Association. He played a variety of wind, brass and percussion instruments and shared vocals. The band’s first single, Along Comes Mary, hit #7 on the Billboard chart in 1966, and that success led to its first album, And Then… Along Comes the Association, that same year. Cherish, written by Kirkman, was the group’s first #1 single. Windy hit #1, Never My Love #2, both in ’67, and Everything That Touches You #10 in ’68, the latter written by Kirkman. He left the band in ’72, returned in ’79, and left again in ’84, in effect leaving the business. He became an addiction counselor. Married long term, he was a dad of one. Well done, Sir. Thank you. Photo from Google Images:

Excerpt from a op-ed piece by Daniel McCarthy: “The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll has Biden trailing Donald Trump by nine points, 42% to 51%.” Given the sponsors’ leftists track record, it’s shocking. I find it hard to believe in light of the country’s 50–50 divide and wonder if it is a ruse to spur a campaign to dump Quid Pro Joe, the Dem most likely to lose. That margin would easily cover the Dems’ advantage in early and mail-in voting. Then there’s this headline from “Biden has started a war Democrats can’t win. It’s greens vs. unions.” He is a disaster across the board. Dems would be wise to blame the president and not the policies. Many would buy it.

Rain put the kibosh on the floating book shop for a third straight day. I was so bored I did a pop-in at the dentist, whom I hadn’t visited in three years. No cavities but I have to go back for a cleaning. When I stepped outside the precipitation had finally abated to the lightest mist possible, the sidewalks drying. If I’m not able to set up the shop tomorrow, I hope at least to be able to hang out and schmooze at my usual nook.

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