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2 min readMay 19, 2021

According to an article by Jim Thomas at, cancel culture has this Palm Beach, California 26-feet tall work of art in its sights, dubbing it “blatantly sexist.” As a male chauvinist pig, I say: More! More!

It might not seem possible, but Chicago, America’s second greatest city, may have a worse mayor than NYC. She’s appalled that the press corps is largely white and she’s speaking only to reporters of color — temporarily, she claims. The others should consider themselves lucky. To think I recently felt sorry for her because she always seems so overwhelmed. Politicians merit sympathy only in personal matters that don’t involve illegality. They almost always earn contempt.

Quid Pro Joe shut down the Keystone Pipeline, but he has lifted sanctions that will allow Russia to build a natural gas pipeline to Germany.

Snippet from an article at by Matt Leach, edited by yours truly: “According to the Urban Land Institute, in 2017 Portland, Oregon was the third most desirable real estate market in the U.S. This year it dropped to 66th.”

Not much action today at the floating book shop despite gorgeous weather. My thanks to the woman who bought a book in Russian, and to the one Rosemary sent, who purchased three novels: Star by Danielle Steel, News of the World by Paulette Jiles , and Little Girl Lost by Wendi Corsi Staub; and to Wolf, who dropped off five books in Russian; and to the woman who donated about ten books, most of them dealing with orthodox Christianity. The best part of the session came as I was hauling the stuff back to the car. Noemi showed. I hadn’t seen her since pre-pandemic and had feared the worst, as she has underlying conditions. While I approached wondering if I should give her a hug, she solved that by giving me one.

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