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vic fortezza
3 min readMar 20, 2020

Given all the famous people who have contracted the virus, I can no longer deny that I too may have it. Of course, ego wants to be dismissive, despite the fact that even world class athletes have tested positive. The only symptom I have is the one that was noted for the first time yesterday — stomach issues. Mine are mild and I’m not worried about them. They haven’t increased my use of the bathroom. From what I’ve read, other symptoms will follow. I take my temperature once a day. It’s been in the range of 96.5. But what does it matter when many are testing positive despite having no symptoms?

Since the city has not posted word about a moratorium on car inspection, I took the old Hyundai to the shop today. I lied to Ralph, the manager, about not experiencing any symptoms and advised him to spray Lysol in the interior. His mechanics were wearing masks. His clerk wasn’t. As usual, he was smoking a big cigar. He said he was thinking about closing for a couple of weeks, as business has been off. I helped his cause. I knew one of my rear headlights was out and that my front tires probably had to be replaced. So did the front axle, it turned out. The bill came to $651. At least the annual drudgery of the chore is out of the way and I won’t have to worry about being ticketed, although I wouldn’t be surprised if a moratorium is granted very soon.

Here’s the amusing CV headline of the day, from “Priest offers drive-thru confessionals amid coronavirus pandemic.” And here’s the most uplifting: “Boy, 7, uses $600 of savings to make coronavirus care packages for seniors, feed 90 students.” And here’s the little hero, Cavanaugh Bell, who should be mayor on NYC instead of that sorry excuse for one that currently occupies the office:

From an article at FN: Top coronavirus myths, hoaxes and scams:
The new coronavirus was deliberately created or released: False
Pneumonia vaccines work: False
Alternative, home remedy “miracle drug” cures work: False
Emails from the World Health Organization: False
The coronavirus can be transmitted through mosquito bites: False
A face mask will protect you from COVID-19: False
Full article here:

As for the Senators who made stock transactions upon receiving the insider info to which they were privy, they are in the right field, that haven for the unethical and corrupt. For those who don’t know, politicians do this all the time and have even crafted laws to protect the practice. Politics is a festering swamp.

I just caught a bit of conservative talk show host Sean Hannity’s interview with liberal NY governor Andrew Cuomo. They recognize the pandemic threatens all of America, crosses all lines, plays no favorites. Hannity used the term “All hands on deck” to describe the fight. Kudos.

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