Does the fact that liberal icons such as Bill Maher and Jon Stewart are now mocking wokesters a sign the tide has turned? Other than that, I still believe liberals are winning in a rout on most issues, even the economy. The swamp has simply grown too large to contain. Even if Republicans regain control in 2022, it won’t make a difference. Most are really Democrats or will become so, corrupted by perks which, seemingly, can be held onto only by doling freebies that help win re-election. Let’s hope the new normal will not be as bad as it looks at present, especially in terms of crime.

Excerpt from an article by Hannah E. Myers at “…Walgreens officials stated in May that thefts in its Frisco stores quadrupled their national average. The chain has had to shutter 17 locations…” Defund and debunk the police, stand aside and let criminals have free reign, rationalize it’s the poor making ends meet. Across all major American cities, homicide rates are up 24% since the beginning of the year.

Headline from “Gen. Milley: MIA Military Firearms ‘Much Less’ Than Reported.” Let’s hope so. I’m wondering if gangs have infiltrated the armed forces. Maybe it’s only the pursuit of filthy lucre. Whatever — why is this allowed to happen?

Last week there was an article on the startling economic growth of California. My only question was: Why are so many of its people moving to other states? It ranks ninth in outgoing folks. That question came to me again as I read that, according to WalletHub’s annual list, New Jersey is the best state in the USA in which to live. It ranks third in outgoing population. If it’s such a good place to live, why are so many leaving? New York, ranked as the third best state, is first in outgoing population, and its not just because of Covid. It has been losing population for the past few years.

Since the U.S. Open is being played in California, it will spill over into prime time on the East Coast, a bit of much needed sanity.

A third straight gorgeous day and continued success for the floating book shop — hurrah! My thanks to Wolf, who stocked up on more of Dave’s DVD copies and a few CDs; and to Alice, who couldn’t resist Vendetta by Jackie Collins, even though she has probably read it; and to Movie Buff, who bought Southtown by Rick Riordan, About Schmidt by Louis Begley, and The Ten Commandments: Still the Best Moral Code by Dennis Prager; and to the woman who purchased a book on kindness whose title escapes me; and to the one who donated a huge collection of non-mysteries written by Agatha Christie under a pseudonym. I was relieved there weren’t anymore incoming.

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