Orbit Anxiety

vic fortezza
2 min readJul 20, 2022

Very disappointing headline from nypost.com: “Trump tells golfers to ‘take the money’ and join LIV Golf.” That’s the Saudi-sponsored league. I wonder if it will hurt him should he choose to run. To me, all other issues dwarf it.

Also from NYP, something else to worry about: “If Neptune’s orbit moves 0.1%, it could destabilize the solar system.” Geez, what would happen if it moves 0.2%?

Snippet from an NYP editorial: The European Union just opted “to classify nuclear energy as ‘green,’.” Asian countries are following suit. Sure, it’s silly semantics designed to appease concerned citizens, but at this stage alternatives are not even close to filling energy needs and causing dangerous gaps, and leaders are fighting back against climate zealots. May the rebellion continue and gain strength. In the same vein, headline from newsmax.com: “China Coal Plant Approvals Surge as Energy Security Trumps Climate.” That may negate any environmental gains made in the western world. By the way, on his radio show Sean Hannity just said that not only did Trump achieve U.S. energy independence, but under his watch the largest ever American reduction of carbon footprint occurred… I know the following headline from foxnews.com is old hat, but it fits the above narrative: “Republicans hammer Kerry over massive emissions from family private jet: ‘It’s insulting’.” Apparently, they don’t realize he’s an entitled elitist.

Here’s a howler from FN: “Disney changes its cast member names to ‘Fairy Godmother’s Apprentices’ to be more inclusive.” I wonder what Walt would think of his namesake’s latest moves.

Not having had any unusual pain issues in months, I hadn’t taken any ibuprofen. This morning I recalled that in the last few years I played golf, I’d take two a couple hours before a round, and it minimized fatigue considerably. I did that today, and it worked. I’m not as tired as I’ve been lately post-book shop. It was another road trip to a spot completely in shade. My thanks to the couple who overcompensated me for a travel book on Odessa, which is off limits these days thanks to Vlad.

I had to fight guilt to enjoy a little more Pepsi than usual, maybe 14 ounces. It went great with Waj’s chicken gyro. Crazy how the mind works.

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vic fortezza

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