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2 min readMay 23

Headline from “Fare hikes to cover for fare evaders: The cost of progressive ‘reform’.” Spot on. Kudos.

Attention sci-fi writers, headline from NYP: “Swooping seagulls steal drugs, get stoned: ‘Turns them into psycho gulls’.” Here’s a suggestion for a title: The Birds II. Photo from Google Images:

From NYP: “Author uses AI generators, including ChatGPT, to write nearly 100 books in less than a year.” And they call James Patterson prolific.

From an NYP article by Reda Wigle concerning psychic ability by Zodiac sign: “… the people of the twin are inclined to receive static, signals and transmissions from the other side…” As a Gemini, I feel cheated, having never experienced such phenomena. Photo from GI — my favorite Gemini:

Headline from “Texas Passes Law to Ban DEI at State Universities.” Is it the start of a trend or a futile last stand?

From NM, speaking of a competitor: “Fox News Employee Handbook Embraces Woke Gender Rules.” Its move to the left has been obvious to many viewers.

First line from an NM article by Lynn Allison: “People taking the trendy drug Ozempic for weight loss say they’ve also stopped drinking, smoking, shopping and even nail biting.” Proceed with caution.

Par for the political course headline from “Dem activist returns from Florida vacation, goes on TV to attack Sunshine State.”

Gary Varvel cartoon:

The floating book shop has hit a sort of lull. My thanks to my Constant Benefactress, who insisted on paying for Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier despite donating two large paperbacks; and to the young man who purchased Masterpieces of Terror and the Supernatural, selected by Marvin Kaye; and to The Quiet Man, who bought three CDs.

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