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2 min readMar 7, 2022

I hope this helps and grows in numbers, headline from “20,000 foreign volunteers have signed up to fight in Ukraine: officials.” They represent 52 countries. May they be well-armed by world leaders.

The Russian convoy has stalled and has suffered considerable damage. Rumors are that its fuel trucks have been destroyed. Dare we hope that the Reds can be defeated by a country with limited weaponry? At this point Zelensky looks like a far better general than the monster trying to swallow his country. If Putin suffers humiliation, will he resort to Nukes?

Another deal with Iran is in the works. After receiving billions from the U.S., will its leaders still chant “Death to America”? Maybe they won’t have to, as many of our citizens seem bent on destroying her from within.

Unqualified for anything but politics, Andrew Cuomo, one of the worst governor’s in the history of the USA, is attempting a comeback. He’ll have the support of those who look away from the sins of those creeps with whose policies they agree, even when those moves have been disastrous.

Okay, the fear is that if NATO comes to the rescue of the Ukraine, it will trigger WWIII. But what then is that organization’s purpose?

Headline from “US natural gas companies targeted by hackers before Ukraine invasion: report.” 21 companies involved with the production of liquefied natural gas were hit. I assume their defenses held. The source has not been pinpointed. Anyone want to take a guess where it is?

Another gem from the goombah:

People are being murdered by a tyrant, and I’m out doing business curbside. What a world. My thanks to the kind folks who bought, donated and swapped books on this mild day that seemed more like mid-spring. Here’s what sold: two books in Russian, Praying with Mother Teresa: Prayers, Insights, and Wisdom of Saint Teresa of Calcutta by Susan Conroy; and two thrillers: Blood Land by R.S. Guthrie and The Prophet by Michael Koryta.

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