Risks, Rewards

vic fortezza
3 min readApr 24, 2020


Congress is in session — and for the first time in history the bandits are appropriately attired:

I received the $1200 stimulus check, physical proof of a government gone mad. I have three retirement accounts, and Social Security funds are directly deposited into my checking account each month, and Medicare covers a great deal of doctor visits. Even without the money I was taking in from my sidewalk book shop, I’m fine, and would be for at least ten years barring catastrophic illness or injury. I have almost always been a saver, not a spender. I have two choices: rip up the check or donate it to those in need. I would like to sign over the check, not deposit it and then send the money. So far a Google search has not helped in the matter. Maybe I’ll mail it to the Wounded Warriors Project next time I get one of their solicitations. In a related matter, I’ve engaged in a minor act of civil disobedience. Since politicians spend so recklessly even regarding Corona outlays, making it appear deficits and debt do not matter, I ripped up the Census forms I received. I see no point in filling them out. A fellow Exchange alumni posted an interesting comment on Facebook yesterday: “If deficits don’t matter, abolish taxation.” Kudos, sir.

Imagine the mainstream media outrage had President Trump ordered senior citizens infected with the Coronavirus back into old age homes, in effect a death sentence for thousands in NYC.

The governor of Georgia is taking a big risk in aggressively reopening. The Peach State will serve as an experimental lab for the rest of America. Best of luck to its citizens.

It’s foolish to criticize the Giants and Jets for their first round draft picks, both offensive tackles, as they may turn out to be fine pros, but the selections couldn’t have been more boring. The TV ratings set a record, as 15.6 million tuned in. I didn’t. I scanned the recaps at Yahoo Sports. Here’s the Jints’ man, Andrew Thomas out of Georgia:

And the newest Jet, Mekhi Becton out of Louisville:

I’ve completed the second proofing of the novella on which I’m working. It is now 19,970 words, minus those on the preliminary pages. If you hear cussing tomorrow, it will probably be me trying to figure how to add page numbers to a MS Word file.

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vic fortezza

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