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vic fortezza
3 min readJun 8, 2024

The D-Day freedom celebration continues in France, photo from AFP VIA Getty Images, posted

Headline from “Silicon Valley in uproar after California lawmakers demand AI firms install ‘kill switch’.” As much as I hate to side with politicians, it sounds reasonable, although I won’t pretend to understand even the rudimentary aspects of AI.

Great news out of the Middle East in this headline: “Israel rescues 4 hostages kidnapped by Hamas: ‘We are overjoyed’.” Kudos to the rescue team. Let the wrongheaded campus protesters howl. It will be music to the ears of those who wish to see Hamas defeated.

Interesting news out of Connecticut, from FN: “Neighborhood turns to armed citizen brigade to deter violent crime but mayor doesn’t like it.”

From FN: “Major lithium discovery in fracking wastewater leaves the left facing EV ‘irony’.” According to the article by Charles Creitz, in my own words, processing it could potentially meet half the country’s needs. It also would create jobs. One thing it will not do is make EVs a good alternative for consumers.

RIP former astronaut William Anders, 90, who perished in a plane crash. Born in Hong Kong, his father a Navy officer, his family moved to Annapolis and back to China in fairly rapid succession. He and his mom escaped the Japanese invasion. His dad was wounded and received a Purple Heart and Navy Cross before being discharged. William followed in his father’s footsteps, entering and graduating from the Naval Academy. After much schooling and training, he applied and was accepted to the space program. In December 1968 Anders flew on the Apollo 8 mission, the first where humans traveled beyond low Earth orbit, and the first crewed flight to reach and orbit the Moon. In flight he took a photo of Earthrise, which has become iconic. He subsequently was appointed to several government positions, and eventually went into the private sector. Married since 1955, he was a father of six. Awesome, Sir. Facts from Wiki, photo from Google Images:

A beautiful day to do business curbside, although the breeze was a bit disruptive. My thanks to Dave and Candy, who donated two hardcovers, and to the woman who bought a Monet pictorial; and to her companion, who purchased five DVDs; and to Lynn, who took home Dreamcatcher by Stephen King; and to the young dad who chose a kids’ book for his beautiful little girl… Frankie gave me an update on his case. His sentence has been reduced from eight years to a few months in a halfway house, followed by probation. I hope it allows him stop drinking and lose weight. He can stand to lose 150 pounds.

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