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RIP Brooklyn-born dancer/choreographer Tony Mordente, 88. The son of a beer-truck driver, he attended the High School of Performing Arts and earned a scholarship to the American Ballet Theater School. In 1956 he won a part in Li’l Abner. The next year he was A-Rab in West Side Story, but played the hot-headed Action, my favorite among the Jets, in the 1961 film adaptation. There are only 10 titles under his name at IMDb in the category of Actor, but he did so much more behind the scenes, directing scores of primetime fare, including 42 episodes of Rhoda, 16 of Hardcastle and McCormick, eight of The A-Team, ten of Matlock, 14 of Hunter, 36 of Walker, Texas Ranger, 33 of 7th Heaven. His screen work spanned ‘61–2003. He was married to Chita Rivera for nine years. Their daughter, Lisa, carved out a career as a singer/dancer/choreographer, and was a Tony nominee. Mordente’s third marriage lasted from ’78 until his passing and was blessed with another daughter, Adriana, who has a screenplay credit. Well done, Sir. Thank you. Photo from Google Images:

Headline from “How non-citizens are getting voter registration forms across the US — and how Republicans are trying to stop it.” Good luck with that.

From NYP: “Fire away: IDF uses medieval catapult to launch fireballs at Hezbollah in wild viral video.” Whatever works.

Headline from “NYT columnist admits ‘something has gone badly wrong’ in West Coast states because of Democratic leadership.” Ya think? I wonder if he will be ridiculed by his brethren.

Near London’s Heathrow Airport, photo by Bertie Taylor, posted at

The stiff breeze kept conditions from being perfect at today’s session of the Anti-Inflation Book Shop, but it was a pleasure nonetheless. My thanks to the woman who donated three books in Russian, and to Cabbie who did a swap and buy of paperback thrillers; and to The Frenchman, who bought To Be Two, philosophy by Luce Irigaray; and to Lou, who took home three more DVDs.

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