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3 min readJun 1

Paraphrasing the intro to ABC’s Wide World of Sports: Spanning websites to bring you the constant variety of life on earth, the thrill of human achievement, the agony of politics — this is Vic’s Blog.

I’ve caught two fascinating episodes of PBS’ Secrets of the Dead, one on the Hindenburg, the other on the Titanic. I’m surprised I liked the latter, as there has been so much info on it. James Cameron’s movie, a technical marvel, had me feeling like a gawker at the scene of an accident. One fact I’d never heard, the massive ocean liner had a sister ship, the Olympic, launched less than a year before, and which continued sailing until 1935. Both docs concentrate on the cause of the disasters and assign blame. The Titanic episode exonerates the captain of a nearby ship, who remained the scapegoat for decades. One aspect that has always astonished me about the Hindenburg is that 62 survived the inferno. 26 passengers, one person on the ground perished. Only 706 of the 2240 people aboard the Titanic survived. Photos from Google Images.

More proof the left has won the battle and likely won’t be stopped in its re-making of America, headline from yesterday at about a company that had been steadfast: “Chick-fil-A Embraces Woke ESG, Sparks Boycott Call.”

Headline from “Lori Lightfoot lands teaching gig at Harvard after leaving office.” Will she be lecturing on how a mayor can incite unprecedented levels of violence in her city?

It seems there is at least one AI doomsday article each day. Here’s another counterpoint, headline from “AI technology catches cancer before symptoms with Ezra, a full-body MRI scanner.” The price range is $575-$2350. As I’ve said before, I have no idea if AI will go the way of cautionary sci-fi movies and novels, but it’s pluses seem extraordinary. GIF from Google Images:

Another gorgeous day, perfect for doing business curbside. My thanks to the gentleman who bought two Billy Joel albums on vinyl; and to The Quiet Man, who purchased John Woo’s Windtalkers (2002) on DVD; and to the middle age woman who said my Russian inventory was trash, who took home the late Stieg Larsson’s Millenium trilogy in English; and to Lou, who chose Inside Man (2006) and A Man Apart (2003) on DVD; and to the woman who donated a hardcover in Russian.

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