Snow Redux

vic fortezza
3 min readFeb 17, 2024

Just like the recent storm, the snow is melting rapidly, the sun shining at 2:21 PM. Photo from The Daily News:

According to a article by SWNS, the average person makes three compromises per day. I wouldn’t be surprised if my total was a lot higher, given how easily I cave while selling stuff curbside.

Beating a dead horse, excerpt from an article by climate activist Bjorn Lomborg, edited by yours truly: “A century ago, in the 1920s, the average death toll from weather disasters was 485,000 per year… Since then, almost every decade has seen fewer deaths, with 168,000 average dead per year in the 1960s and less than 9,000 dead per year in the most recent decade, 2014–23.” Regarding the hysteria, he argues that: “… this impression is wildly misleading and makes it harder to get climate change policy right.” Kudos once again, Sir.

Excerpt from the column of NYP sports media critic Phil Mushnick regarding last weekend’s PGA event, the Waste Management Open in Phoenix: “A dangerously drunken crowd left a woman hospitalized after falling through the bleachers surrounding the 16th, 54 arrests, 111 ejections, mass chaos and confusion and the worst thing that could happen to the event’s bottom line — cancelation of the further sale of alcohol.” It seems golf too has gone the way of other sports, no longer the last bastion of civility. What a pity.

Headline from “Experts say large penalty in Trump fraud case could trigger New York business exodus.” Doubt it. It’s obviously politically motivated to derail DT’s candidacy, not yet a government cash grab scheme. Then again, don’t put anything past those slimes.

From FN: “Every assault in the NBA over past year has been toward White players.” Sadly, it is not surprising.

RIP NCAA BB legend Charles “Lefty” Driesell, 92. Born in Norfolk, he was MVP when as a senior his high school team won the state championship. He was named All-State. Those accomplishments earned him a full ride to Duke. He was highly successful as both a high school football and basketball coach. At the collegiate level, he coached Davidson, Maryland, James Madison and Georgia St.. He had 21 seasons of 20 or more wins, and 21 conference or conference tournament titles. At Maryland Driesell began the now nationwide tradition of Midnight Madness, the first practice of the season beginning as the clock strikes twelve. He was named a conference coach of the year seven times. Maryland won the NIT in 1972. Unfortunately, his Terrapin teams failed to meet expectations in the big show. Still, Driesell’s record is a sterling 786–394. Besides all that, his finest hour may have come off the court. In July 1973 he and a friend were fishing on a Delaware beach when they noticed flames coming from a resort. He broke down a door and rescued several children. No one perished. For this he received the NCAA Award of Valor. Married since 1952, he was a father of four. Awesome, Sir. Facts from Wiki, photo from GI:

The Anti-Inflation Book Shop was snowed out. Accumulation about six inches, it is already melting briskly. I cleared out the area beside my car for tomorrow’s session. Today it was eye strain, more reading than usual, a crossword puzzle and an extra spin on the PC.

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