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2 min readJun 6, 2022

78 years ago today allied forces stormed Normandy, sounding the death knell for Nazi tyranny. Americans who participated were thousands of miles from home, some of them teenagers. Many of those brave men would never see their loved ones again. The world will never repay the debt owed them.

Anyone who has mint condition VHS tapes stocked away somewhere, especially if unsealed, take note. According to an article by Cortney Moore at foxnews.com, edited by yours truly: Goldin Auctions (Jersey) has a dozen VHS tapes that have a current bid of at least $1000: The Blues Brothers (1980), Star Wars (1977, 1984), Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1984) Alien (1984), Batman (1989), Coming to America (1990), Double Impact (1991), Batman Forever (1995), Jurassic Park (1994), Happy Gilmore (1996) and Blade (1998). It has sold a mint condition Star Wars tape for $57,000. Heritage Auctions (Dallas) has Back to the Future (1986), current bid of $20,000; Star Wars (1984), $17,000; First Blood (1982), $12,000; and Jaws (1983), $10,500. Next time someone offers VHS to the floating book shop, I’ll mention the potential.

Politics in a nutshell, headline from nypost.com: “NY already has powerful laws to prevent gun violence — but the state isn’t implementing them.”

Headline from newsmax.com: “Survey: 1 in 3 Americans Tried Alcohol Delivery Service During Pandemic.” Happy Hour has been extended indefinitely.

There were two big deliveries to the floating book shop on this gorgeous day. My thanks to Marty, NYPD retired, who donated ten hard cover best sellers; and to local porter Robert, who dropped off a slew of non-fiction, several of which sold; and to Ira, who bought three Time pictorials; and to The Lady Eve, Jewish, who purchased a cook book for her grandson, whom she told to get recipes from his other, Italian grandma; and to the woman responsible for the most satisfying sale of the day, The Gregg Reference Manual, a guide to English grammar by William A. Sabin, which I doubted would ever sell. It had been on display for at least a year.

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vic fortezza

I was born in Brooklyn in 1950 to Sicilian immigrants. I’ve had more than 50 short stories published world wide. I have 13 books in print.