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2 min readSep 26, 2023

RIP David McCallum, 90. Born in Glasgow, the son of classical musicians, he studied the oboe before turning to acting. His career spanned 1953 to the present, beginning in radio. There are 131 titles under his name at IMDb, a figure that doesn’t begin to tell his story. He appeared in 457 episodes alone of NCIS and 105 of The Man from U.N.C.L.E., for which he received two Emmy nominations, as well as 34 of Sapphie & Steel, 23 of Trainer, 26 of Colditz, and 67 of The Replacements in voiceover, and he made multiple appearances on a host of other shows or miniseries. He received a third Emmy nomination for his performance in Teacher, Teacher, a 1969 TV movie. On the big screen he appeared in A Night to Remember (1958), Billy Budd (1962), The Great Escape (1963), The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965), as Judas, and Sol Madrid (1968), in the title role. He did a number of classics on TV and in theatrical releases, including Charles Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend (1958-’59), Sophocles’ Antigone (1959), Jane Austen’s Emma (1960) and Robert Louis Stevenson’s Kidnapped (1978). His second marriage lasted from 1967 until his passing. He was a dad of two. Awesome, Sir. Thank you. Here he is as master spy Illya Kuryakin, photo from Google Images:

Abraham Lincoln assassination theater tickets were auctioned for $262K. Cue Mr. Rogers: Can you say macabre? Photo from GI:

I chuckled at this headline: “First ever AI-written poetry anthology is bleak and alarming: ‘I have the power to end your world’.” The hardcover is a mere $49.99 at Amazon. I was unable to find a full excerpt. Photo from GI:

Back to the drawing board, greeniacs. Headline from “Lego scraps blocks made out of recycled bottles after realizing they are even worse for environment.”

It was a cool, gloomy day but the floating book shop returned despite a few sprinkles that necessitated covering the wares. My thanks to the two ladies who combined to buy four books in Russian, three of them translations of Danielle Steel; and to those who stopped to chat.

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