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3 min readNov 17, 2021

Each morning as I sit down to tie my sneakers for my morning walk, I recall a marvelous bit from All in the Family about the proper way of doing this. Archie believes it’s sock, sock, shoe, shoe, while the Meathead prefers sock, shoe, sock, shoe. It is not only funny but spot on character reinforcement of Archie’s rigid ways. I’m not consistent about the procedure, noticing I’ve done it both ways. The incident occurs in Gloria Sings the Blues, Season Four, Episode 22, first aired 3/’74. Norman Lear, Michael Ross & Bernard West are credited as Writers. Here’s the clip, which is a couple of minutes:

Ahem. Headline from nypost.com: “Cold weather can cause ‘winter vagina’ — and it’s bad news for your sex life.” The accompanying article by Lizzie Parry explains that the dryness indoor heating causes is the culprit.

Interesting NYP headline: “Courts debunk cash-hungry governments’ harmful opioid myths.” I’m not surprised at the findings but that the courts are denying politicians the rifling of cash cows. Kudos.

Headline from newsmax.com: “California Gas Prices Reach Record High at Nearly $4.70.”

For those who still believe the new form of currencies is illegitimate, headline from Yahoo Sports: “Report: Staples Center to be renamed Crypto.com Arena starting on Christmas.”

A grad student was murdered during a robbery on the campus of the University of Chicago. Here’s a sad sign of the times in a photo from foxnews.com:

I’ve completed adding my skydiving experience to the Curious Sicilian book file. It runs 14 pages, longer than I’d hope, but I won’t do anything more to it than tweaks. This morning I read the handwritten account of my bungee jumping experience. I’m really happy with it. It too is longer than I’d remembered, seven pages, possibly a bit more once it’s transferred to the file, which will grow to about 120 pages, the same length as Class of ’67, but 80 short of my goal for a print version. I have another piece planned that should be no more than a few pages. I’ll be very surprised if I find more that will meet the standard of interesting among my prodigious notes. Most of that is too boo-hoo.

Show of hands — how many people believe Cuomo will be forced to give back the $5.1 million he received for his book fraud?

Another good day for the floating book shop. My thanks to those who donated and bought. The incoming surpassed the outgoing, but most of the former were paperbacks. Here’s what sold: A CD and book in Russian, The Betrayed Wife by Kevin O’Brien; two classical CDs; Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston; The Bible; a book in Greek and one about learning that language; and this:

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