Troubled Waters

vic fortezza
2 min readJul 15, 2022

Fighting back, headline from “Wild video shows Florida home invaders running for their lives after resident opens fire.” Sad, but kudos.

Also from NYP: “Bloody spree: Long Island plagued by fifth shark attack in two weeks.” Cue Bobby Darin singing Mack the Knife: “Oh, the shark, babe, has such teeth, dear/ And it shows them pearly white…” (Bertolt Brecht / Kurt Weill / Marc Blitzstein)

Headline from “Newly launched non-woke comic book defies cancel culture, brings in over $1.7M in first four days.” Here’s the cover, photo from Google Images:

More PC madness, headline and sub-headline from FN: “Gwen Stefani accused of cultural appropriation in new music video ‘Light My Fire’.” “Gwen Stefani’s ‘Light My Fire’ song is a collaboration with Jamaican rapper Sean Paul and singer Shenseea.” Is Stefani the first white to wear dreadlocks? The other alleged sin is wearing a top of the colors of a Jamaican flag. If Paul and Shenseea, also Jamaican, weren’t offended, why should anyone else be? The song sounds like a reggae off-shoot. It has nothing to the do with the Doors’ classic. I wonder if the criticism will boost sales. Judge the controversy yourself. Here’s a link to the vid: It’ runs 3:28. Photo from GI:

Here’s the Jamaican flag, photo from GI:

Cloud cover and a nice breeze made for a pleasant session of the floating book shop despite the humidity. My thanks to the gentleman who bought two DVDs in Russian, and to Wolf, who purchased another and eight books in that language, including a translation of a Walt Disney bio, and DVDs of Greetings (1968) and Rendition (2007); and to Lou, who’s looking for a roommate, who took home the Children of Men (2006) DVD; and to the male teen walking his dog, who jumped on the Super Mario and Bejeweled video games; and to Marty, NYPD retired, who delivered another batch of books.

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