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vic fortezza
2 min readMay 16, 2023

Is anyone surprised the Durham investigation didn’t find anything that those paying attention did not already know? At least 45% of Americans approve of what the government agencies did to dethrone Trump. Millions were flushed down the drain in this and the Mueller investigation. Send the bill to the Clinton Foundation… Here’s a fat chance foxnews.com headline on the issue: “Pulitzer Prize given to Washington Post, New York Times should be taken back after Durham report: Sen. Graham.” Those who bestow such awards probably approve of the hoax.

Headline from nypost.com: “Anti-capitalist ‘pay what you can’ café in Toronto closes after one year in business.” Only Bolsheviks are surprised.

RIP NHL defenseman Gerry Hart, 75. Born in Flin Flon, Manitoba, his pro career spanned 1969-’82, 730 games. He spent more than six seasons with the Islanders, reaching the semifinals four times. What he lacked in ability, he made up for in dogged determination. He scored 29 goals and had 150 assists. He also played for the Nordiques, Red Wings and Blues. In 1992 Hart and two friends opened The Rinx recreation complex in Hidden Pond Park in Hauppauge, New York. Well done, Sir. Photo from Google Images:

Let’s hope she’s just being silly. Headline from FN: “Megan Fox has body dysmorphia, admits she’s ‘never ever’ loved her body.” Photo from GI:

Another gorgeous day, gentle breeze blowing through the shade on Avenue Z, perfect for doing business curbside. My thanks to Gordon, who bought Split Second and The Simple Truth, both by David Baldacci; and to the woman who purchased a large, illustrated kids’ book and American Profile Hometown Cookbook by Mary Carter; and to Bus Driver, who selected Double Jeopardy by Catherine Coulter, Dragon Tears by Dean Koontz and Honeymoon by James Patterson & Howard Roughan; and to the young man who grossly overcompensated me for this, photo from GI:

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vic fortezza

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