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vic fortezza
2 min readJun 11, 2024

Wow! Headline from nypost.com: “Old woman and the sea: Maine’s oldest lobster woman just turned 104 and has no plans to leave her boat: ‘Still the boss’.” Incredible, Madam. Photo from NYP/Google Images:

Although the evidence was overwhelming, I’m surprised Hunter Biden was convicted on all three counts. Kudos to the home turf jury for following the law, although it’s sad it’s come to the point in 2024 America of praising the obvious. Now the ball’s in Quid Pro Joe’s court. Will he, as pledged, not pardon his son? What powerful father wouldn’t? I would. As much as I despise the Bidens, Hunter does not seem a threat to society at present.

Four years later — headline from NYP: “Nancy Pelosi says ‘I take responsibility’ for not having National Guard at the Capitol on Jan. 6 in video shot by her own daughter.” As DT advised.

Fun term plucked from an NYP editorial: “Michiganistan.”

Love this foxnews.com headline about GM: “Auto giant approves $6B stock buyback on strong demand for gas-powered vehicles.” Climate zealots will suffer agita — yay! Meanwhile, from FN: “Hurricane experts push forward with aggressive forecast despite slow start to season.” They must be praying for rain.: “See, we were right. Told ya.”

Headline from msm.com: “Russia has started sending female convicts to fight in Ukraine: report.” Mad Vlad strikes again.

While a lot of the country suffers triple digit heat, the east coast continues to enjoy wonderful weather, perfect for curbside business. My thanks to the woman who donated a number of children’s books, and to Candy, who delivered two hardcovers; and to the woman who bought a Danielle Steel translation in Russian; and to the one who purchased Dracula by Bram Stoker. Maybe money is so tight many are forgoing purchases even at a steep discount. Or maybe it’s simply the luck of the draw. There’s nothing wrong with the inventory. It’s stellar… I wish classmates.com would stop informing me every time someone visits my page. It always get my hopes up that someone will buy one of my books at Amazon.

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vic fortezza

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