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3 min readMay 31, 2022

From an article by Hannah Sparks at nypost.com, edited by yours truly: “It took 37 years for Kate Bush to hit #1. The ’80s art-pop star’s Running Up That Hill is currently the most-streamed song on iTunes thanks to its being prominently featured in the first episode of the new Stranger Things season. In ’85, the track peaked at #3 on UK chart, while in the US it cracked the Billboard Top 40. As I interpret it, it’s a picture of what’s going through a young woman’s mind while making love. Here is the second verse, the last line howling beautifully with existential angst: “You don’t want to hurt me/ But see how deep the bullet lies/ Unaware, I’m tearing you asunder/ Ooh, there is thunder in our hearts/ Is there so much hate for the ones we love?/ Tell me, we both matter, don’t we?…” Kudos, Madam. For those who don’t know her work, it is well out of the mainstream, arty. Sample it at youtube.

And now for ugliness, headline from nypost.com: “More than 30 dead from gun violence over Memorial Day weekend across US.” And out of L.A.: “Video shows shoplifters brazenly clearing shelves of Sephora store.” And there are other stories about record high prices for gasoline, meat and chicken. And any hope of Hillary ever being prosecuted and found guilty for her crimes has taken a huge blow, as her lawyer has been exonerated of having lied to the FBI. I’m reminded of Robin Trower’s Too Rollin’ Stoned: “But that stone just keeps on rolling/ Bringing me some real bad news/ Takers get the honey/ Givers sing the blues…” 77, the guitar master has just released a new album, No More Worlds to Conquer.

It’s hard to believe some are calling for a diplomatic solution to the Ukraine War. Would Vlad adhere to it? Wanna buy a bridge?

I don’t care that Mr. Pelosi was busted for driving drunk. I’d like to see his — and his wife’s — financials undergo the scrutiny Trump’s did.

Headline from foxnews.com: “Chicago records bloodiest Memorial Day weekend in 5 years: At least 50 shot, 9 dead.” Where is the political grandstanding? Where is the mainstream media?

Another whack job has struck. A young man disguised as a wheelchair-bound old woman smeared the glass in which the Mona Lisa is enclosed with cake in what is believed environmental protest. Wonderful logic.

The heat was tough but the pollen was murder today at the floating book shop. My thanks to the young man who swapped four books in English for two in Russian, and to Wolf, who purchased one book and four DVDs in Russian; and to the woman who took home two hardcovers in that language; and to Lou, who selected the DVD of Basic (2003), starring John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson.

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vic fortezza

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