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Golden Gate Bridge, photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu/Getty Images, posted at theguardian.com:

Headline from nypost.com: “Here’s how often you should be having sex, according to a Chinese medicine expert — who says orgasms are disease-busters.” Varies by age, the young needing more. I’m gonna live forever!

RIP NBA’s Robert Reid, 68, who succumbed to cancer. Born in Atlanta, he grew up in Texas, where he attended St. Mary’s College. Houston selected him in the second round of the 1977 draft, the 40th pick overall. He played 13 seasons as a shooting guard/small forward for four different teams: the Rockets, Hornets, Trail Blazers and 76ers. He scored more than 10,000 points, averaging 11.4 PG. He had more than 4000 rebounds, 4.5 PG, and 2500 assists, 2.7 PG. He reached the NBA finals twice with the Rockets, who lost each time to the mighty Celtics. He coached four different independent league teams. He hosted clinics for young players in several countries. He was a father of four. Well done, Sir. Facts from Wiki, photo from Google Images:

Christie Brinkley is 70. I have no idea what she’s like, but I’ve always loved her ebullient aura. Photo from GI:

RIP actor Tony Ganios, 64, who succumbed to heart failure. Born in Brooklyn, of Greek/Italian descent, he grew up in New Rochelle. Six-four, a bodybuilder, he made his big screen debut in The Wanderers (1979). There are only 15 titles under his name at IMDb, career ending in 1993. His most notable role came in Porky’s (1983). He appeared in Die Hard (1990), Rising Sun (1993) and four episodes of Wise Guy. He also sold insurance. He was an expert in period weapons and armor, and ancient and medieval military history. Well done, Sir. Photo from GI:

The lack of sunshine relegated me to the car at today’s session of the Anti-Inflation Book Shop. My thanks to the woman who bought a Weight Watcher’s cookbook, and to the one who purchased a book in Russian; and to Sam, who donated a hardcover.

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