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Sea Point Promenade, Cape Town, South Africa. Reuters photo by Esa Alexander:

RIP actor Charles Dierkop, 87. His name may be unfamiliar, but his face isn’t. Born in Wisconsin, he became a lifetime member of the renowned Actor’s Studio in Manhattan. There are 119 titles under his name at IMDb, career spanning 1961–2018. He appeared in 90 episodes of Police Woman and, in various roles, nine of Naked City, and did guest shots on a ton of other primetime shows. He appeared in three films nominated for the Best Picture Oscar: The Hustler (1961), Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) and The Sting (1973), all starring Paul Newman. Other notable roles: The Pawnbroker (1964), The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre (1967), Silent Night, Deadly Night (1974), Maverick (1994), Murder on the Yellow Brick Road (2005). He was a father of two. Well done, Sir. Thank you. Photo from Google Images:

Wrap your head around this. Headline from “Wrong foot forward: ‘Disrespectful’ DJ Khaled slammed for making bodyguards carry him so that he didn’t ‘mess up’ unreleased Air Jordans.” Golf has helped him “slim” down to 253 pounds. Still… It’s good to be the king. I bet those guys make a lot of money. Photo from GI:

More than 100,000 Democrats in the Michigan presidential primary voted “uncommitted.” So what? I’ll believe they, Jews and Blacks have abandoned Biden when I see it. Recall that 87% of Blacks voted for Quid Pro Joe despite his track record on race, arguably the most abysmal of anyone in modern politics. I’ll be surprised if he’s not forced out eventually. Newsom can sit on the sidelines unvetted for months, then enjoy the protection of the mainstream media and the windfall of early voting that Dems have locked up. Heaven knows how AI will affect the race. Voters would probably blame Biden, not his policies, which would be no different under Newsom.

The Anti-Inflation Book Shop was rained out. I strolled to H & R, hoping to get my taxes done, but no one in the office felt confident about a return involving a house sale. It was annoying but better than it being screwed up by someone pretending to know what to do.

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